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Classic style in a modern package: The Merlin Newsboy is a pure race bike ready to mix up with the rabble on the muddiest singletrack. And look great doing it.

Can the voluptuous style of the classic American cantilever frame coexist with the gritty demands of modern off-road racing? It can and does in the Merlin Newsboy. 
Lovingly crafted from Merlin's MTS325 seamless titanium tubing, the Newsboy's flowing curves are anchored by a 11/2-inch downtube that creates a rigid power path from the 11/8-inch head tube to the 6-4 titanium vertical dropouts. Combined with the oversize 13/8-inch seat tube, this stout construction creates a flex-free platform for climbs, sprints, and descents. 

"On the trail,", notes Mike Ferrentino in a Winning magazine review, "the Newsboy feels anything but cruiserlike, begging to be hammered like any good 22-pound titanium race bike should. It is a quick handling, agile bike that floats up hills and accelerates with ethereal ease. The Newsboy seems build for those sections of hard, middle-ring single trail where the rider has to get down and dirty and muscle the bike where it's supposed to go. In this type of terrain, the Merlin can be flicked around and pointed where needed with almost arrogant impunity. Power along the straights, weight outside pedal, and jam the bike into turns. [T]he bike snaps around like it's on rails." 

Much of the credit for this performance is due to the Newsboy's 7/8-inch chainstays, which are borrowed intact from the Merlin Mountain frame. These large-diameter stays are 50 percent stiffer than the 3/4-inch stays used by other builders, for greater lateral rigidity and improved cornering and climbing power. Their asymmetric S-Bends will swallow a 2.5-inch knobby with room to spare, yet they also accommodate any low-profile crankset. 

The Newsboy's internal cable routing leads to a WTB SpeedMaster Roller-Cam brake, a lightweight design of terrific braking power and sensitivity. Other standard features include suspension-adjusted geometry, threaded dropouts, and a lightweight aluminum seat cluster design that accepts a standard 27.2 mm post. 

But of course the Newsboy's most prominent feature is its unfettered, sweeping style. In a world of look-alike race bikes, the Newsboy eloquently refutes the contention that form must bow to function. Instead, form and function are combined as in no other bike in the world. And the result, quite simply, is sublime.

Merlin MTS325 seamless titanium tubing

We never cut corners. That's why we created Merlin MTS 325, a new, higher standard for our 3-2.5 titanium tubing.
It has an ultra-smooth finish, for greater fatigue endurance and longer life. Its strength and purity exceed aerospace specifications. And its straightness, measured in thousandths of an inch, is second to none.

But it's our certification procedure, a costly system that tracks every single tube we use all the way back to the raw ingot, that is the ultimate guarantee of quality.

And it's built into every frame we make. 

Merlin 7/8-inchS-Bend chainstays 

A straight line may be shorter, but our S-Bends are definitely faster. They're made from custom-drawn, large-diameter titanium tubing. And they track the ground like nothing else.
Their sinuous shape creates plenty of clearance for fat 2.6-inch tires on the inside, and low-profile cranks on the outside. Better still, they're laterally stiff for sure conrnering. And combinded with our S-Bend seatstays, they're vertically compliant to get all your power to the ground.

Try them once and you'll never settle for the straight and narrow again. 

Merlin 6-4 titanium vertical dropouts

Solid strength. We machine our dropouts from solid 6-4 titanium plate, an alloy so strong that not one of these little beauties has ever broken. Not one.
It's so strong, and so hard, that ordinary quick-releases can't bite into it like steel or aluminum. So we use vertical dropout slots to maintain perfect wheel alignment. No matter how hard you're cranking, the wheel won't slip. And the vertical design, coupled with Merlin's painstakingly precise construction, ensures faster, more accurate wheel changes, too.

Despite their awesome strength, our drops are 46 percent lighter than steel. But they'll never rust or corrode. And they'll never let you down.